Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Club’s Dress Code Policy?

Members are expected to observe this code at all times, and are responsible for ensuring similar observance by their family members and guests.

The following attire is not permitted at Saint Andrew’s Golf Club at any time: (a) workout clothes of any kind, including but not limited to, sweat pants and shirts; (c) sports jerseys, including but not limited to, basketball or football jerseys; (d) basketball shorts, gym shorts, or other athletic or work out shorts; (e) men’s shirts without collars (turtlenecks and shirts of a style sold in the pro shop are permitted); and, (f) golf shorts more than four inches above the knee. Notwithstanding these restrictions, workout clothes may be worn in the Saint Andrew’s Fitness Center and when traveling to or from the locker rooms to use the Center.

On the Golf Course, players are expected to wear slacks or shorts (no more than four (4) inches above the knee); collared shirts or turtlenecks (including mock turtlenecks); and golf shoes. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Golf caps shall be worn with bills facing forward. In general, everyone on the Golf Course is expected to dress in a neat and appropriate manner. Sloppy or untidy attire is not permitted. Jeans or denim of any kind, cargo pants and shorts with exterior pockets are never permitted on the Golf Course.

On Fridays only, conforming jeans/denim may be worn throughout the day at the Club, as follows: upon arrival or departure and, while at the Club, in the locker rooms, John Reid Room, on the deck (both covered and uncovered portions), in the Pro Shop and administrative offices, and in the social areas of the Golf Learning Center.

What is the Club’s cell phone policy?

Unlike many other Clubs, Saint Andrew’s has not adopted an outright prohibition of cell phones and other electronic devices on Club property. However, usage of such devices is strictly limited to certain designated areas set forth below.

These exceptions are intended to provide a measure of flexibility and convenience to Members. However, in consideration of others, Members are encouraged to exercise discretion in using cell phones and electronic devices. If a user of such a device is causing a disturbance or otherwise detracting from the use and enjoyment of the Club by others, the Club’s management reserves the right to require immediate termination of such usage.

Use of cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted anywhere on Club property, with the following exceptions: (1) in the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms in the main seating areas or discreetly at the lockers; (2) on the Golf Course in out of bounds areas only; (3) in the parking lot (where automobiles are parked); (4) outside the John Reid Room on the uncovered portion of the deck; and (5) in designated offices/changing rooms of the Apple Tree Golf Learning Center (but not in the hitting bays, lounge or common areas). Cell phones should be set on vibrate at all times while on Club property. Please limit all use of cell phones and other electronic devices while playing golf.

What is the Club’s Tipping Policy?

Saint Andrew’s maintains a comprehensive no-tipping policy, which applies broadly to services provided to Members, their families and guests by golf operations, locker room, dining room, bar and other service staff. No Member may offer, and no Club employee may accept, a tip or gratuity. The only exception to this policy is that caddies may receive tips from Members for services rendered.

In lieu of tips, all Members are charged a mandatory annual fee (sized as a percentage of their annual dues), as well as an administrative charge on actual dining and bar consumption. These funds are distributed by the Club to golf operations, locker room, bar, dining, kitchen, clubhouse, administrative and other service staff periodically throughout the year. In addition, and at their sole discretion, Members may make voluntary contributions, at year-end and/or at any other time throughout the year, to fund additional distributions by the Club to the staff. All such contributions must be provided to the Club Administrator, and never directly to any employee.

Does the Club have a caddie program?

Members are encouraged to use caddies, if available. Caddies are required, at all times, for any group that includes 2 or more guests. Caddies must be arranged through the Starter. If a Member would like to use a caddie who is not part of the Saint Andrew’s caddie contingent (including other Members acting as a caddie), the Member must first obtain permission from the Starter or Golf Professionals. All caddies are expected to observe the Saint Andrew's Caddie Code of Conduct, which describes in detail the Club's expectations of all of its caddies.