Ladies Golf Association

The Ladies Golf Association (LGA) is a welcoming environment committed to increasing engagement, attracting new players, and expanding women’s involvement at the club. Participating in the LGA is a great way to make new friends, connect with fellow golfers, and begin or hone your game.

LGA members hold equal status as golfers at Saint Andrew’s, with no restrictions on play. The tee is open to women and men equally, any time and any day. The LGA is represented on the Board of Governors and in every Club committee bringing an important voice to all aspects of Club operations.

Many women—both new Club members and the spouses or significant others of members—are taking up the game for the first time, and enrolling in special engagement and instructional programs personalized for them by the golf professional staff.  Saint Andrew’s state-of-the-art learning center enables practice and instruction all year long which is so crucial for new players and those looking to improve their game.

Our experienced women golfers take newer golfers under their wings, inviting them out on the course and explaining the rules (both formal and informal) that make golf unique.  The LGA also helps new members connect with players of like ability and playing time preferences.


The LGA stages “meet-up” events on Wednesday mornings, while the Club’s professional staff hosts “Lunch & Learn” sessions and clinics throughout the year that give members the chance to socialize, ask questions, and improve their games.  The LGA also sponsors many couple’s events, adding to the culture of camaraderie, and maintains a private Facebook group for easy communication and connections.

LGA members are eligible to participate in many different  Saint Andrew’s member tournaments throughout the golf season. Additionally, the LGA sponsors its own competitions including member/member, 18/36 and 9/18 hole events, handicap and club championships, and a ladies’ member/guest tournament.  The opportunity to participate  in 9 and 18 hole Met area inter-club competitions is also available to members of the LGA.

A personal locker, USGA handicap services, and club storage are among the many amenities included in LGA membership.