Dining Rules and Policies (including cell phones/gratuity/locker rooms/smoking)

A. Food Minimums

Food minimum requirements have been established to encourage Members and guests to frequent our full-service dining facilities. The specific spending requirements can be found in a separate schedule provided to all Members. Minimums are determined based on membership category and are applicable on a monthly basis with the exception of April and May, which are combined. Monthly food minimums cannot be carried over to another month and cannot be transferred to another Member. All meals served to Members and guests in the dining room (including food prepared for take-out) apply toward your monthly food minimum. Beverages in the dining room except for coffee, tea and iced tea do not apply against the food minimum. All items purchased at the halfway house or on the course apply toward your food minimum, with the exception of beer.

B. Dining Reservations

Members are requested to make advance dinner reservations wherever possible, to ensure adequate levels of staffing and service needed to ensure a satisfactory dining experience for all.

C. Food and Beverage Checks and Chits

Upon request, Members dining at the Clubhouse may receive and sign checks for food and beverage consumed. Otherwise, no check will be presented at the end of service. In either case, staff will apply related food and beverage charges to the Member’s Club account.

In all other Club locations where food and beverage items are available (e.g., the Halfway House and other golf course refreshment stations: the Apple Tree Learning Center) unless otherwise specified, Members are responsible for filling out chits identifying the Member’s name, Club account number, and food/beverage items consumed.

A.  Club Dress Code
Members are expected to observe this code at all times, and are responsible for ensuring similar observance by their family members and guests. In general, proper attire and a neat appearance are required on the golf course and throughout the Club. Clubhouse and golf operations staffs have been instructed to politely remind Members of the dress code if they observe violations, so please don’t take offense if they do.

General Policy:
Members are expected to observe the Club’s dress code policy, as fully outlined in the Club’s rules and policies, at all times and must ensure similar observance by family members and guests.  Proper attire and a neat appearance are required at all times while on Club property. Golf operations and clubhouse staff have been instructed to politely remind members to address violations of the dress code, so please do not take offense if they are fulfilling these responsibilities.

Golf Course:
On the golf course, players are expected to wear shorts or slacks, turtlenecks or collared shirts and golf shoes. Ladies may wear items, including shirts without collars, consistent with those that are available for sale in the pro shop. Shirts must be tucked in and caps must be worn with bills facing forward. Jeans or denims of any kind, cargo and yoga pants, workout gear and shorts with exterior pockets are not permitted on the course or the practice facilities.

With the exception of the Main Dining and the President’s rooms, golf attire is permitted to be worn at all times in the Clubhouse.

For those electing to dine in the President’s room, collared shirts and slacks are required to be worn at all times. For those Members electing to dine in the Main Dining room, collared shirts and slacks are required to be worn and jackets are recommended (but not required). Jackets need not be worn in the summer months and through Labor Day.

Men are not permitted to wear caps/hats in the clubhouse or in the John Reid Room.

Denim is permitted in the John Reid Room and on the deck only on Friday.

Note: An exception to the dress code will be accommodated if dining overflow in the John Reid room requires members to be seated in the Main dining room.

B. Locker Room Policy
Children under the age of fourteen are not permitted in the Men’s or Women’s locker rooms unless supervised by an adult. However, those children designated Student Elite or Advanced Junior may use the locker rooms unaccompanied by an adult. It is expected that these children will bring the same maturity and proper etiquette to the locker room that they are required
to exhibit on the Golf Course.
C. Cell Phone and Electronic Device Policy
Unlike many other Clubs, Saint Andrew’s has not adopted an outright prohibition of cell phones and other electronic devices on Club property. However, usage of such devices is strictly limited to certain designated areas set forth below.
These exceptions are intended to provide a measure of flexibility and convenience to Members. However, in consideration of others, Members are encouraged to exercise discretion in using cell phones and electronic devices. If a user of such a device is causing a disturbance or otherwise detracting from the use and enjoyment of the Club by others, the Club’s management reserves the right to require immediate termination of such usage.Use of cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted anywhere
on Club property, with the following exceptions: (1) in the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms in the main seating areas or discreetly at the lockers; (2) on the Golf Course in out of bounds areas only; (3) in the parking lot (where automobiles are parked); (4) outside the John Reid Room on the uncovered portion of the deck; and (5) in designated offices/changing rooms of the Apple Tree Golf Learning Center (but not in the hitting bays, lounge or common areas). Cell phones should be set on vibrate at all
times while on Club property. Please limit all use of cell phones and other electronic devices while playing golf.

D.  No-Smoking Policy
In compliance with the law, Saint Andrew’s observes a strict no-smoking policy, including e-cigarettes, in all indoor and common areas of the Clubhouse. Smoking is permitted on the golf course and on the uncovered area of the deck immediately outside the John Reid Room. However, at all times, smokers are asked to be considerate of others, and to properly dispose of cigarette and cigar butts (and, in particular, to avoid discarding them anywhere on the Golf Course).
E.  Gratuity/No-Tipping Policy
Saint Andrew’s is a non-tipping club, and providing gratuities to staff, in any form, is strictly prohibited. Any service charge/Administrative Fee assessed is not a gratuity nor purported to be a gratuity, no portion of which will be distributed to Club employees who provide service to Club patrons, including but not limited to members, guests of members and members of reciprocal clubs. The only exception to this policy is that caddies may receive tips from Members for services rendered.
In lieu of tips, all Members are charged a mandatory annual fee (sized as a percentage of their annual dues), as well as an administrative charge on actual dining and bar consumption. These funds are distributed by the Club to golf operations, locker room, bar, dining, clubhouse, administrative and other service staff periodically throughout the year. In addition, and at their sole discretion, Members may make voluntary contributions, at year end and/or at any other time throughout the year, to fund additional distributions by the Club to the staff. All such contributions must be provided to the Club Administrator, and never directly to any employee.
F. No-Solicitation Policy
Outside solicitation on Club property is not allowed at any time, and commercial advertisements may not be posted or circulated on Club property without prior approval of the Board of Governors. In addition, no Member may introduce a third party to the golf course or Club premises for any commercial purpose (e.g., filming, photography, media, advertising and publishing) without the prior approval of the Board of Governors.
G. Interaction with Club Members and Staff
Saint Andrew’s takes great pride in our convivial atmosphere, camaraderie and decorum—a Club of gentlemen and gentlewomen. As such, all interactions between and among Members and staff should uphold this principle. In particular, no Member or guest shall abuse or harass any other Member,  guest or Club employee, verbally or otherwise. All service employees of the  Club are under the direct supervision of their departmental manager, the  Board of Governors and relevant committee chair (e.g. House, Golf, Green,  etc.). No Member or guest should attempt to reprimand or discipline any  Club employee for any reason. Any employee not rendering prompt and  courteous service, or who may be engaging in inappropriate activity, should be reported to the employee’s supervisor, to the appropriate committee chair  or to a Member of the Board of Governors. Members may not request  personal services from Club employees or request that employees waive  club Rules and Policies.
Note: “General Club Rules and Policies” are located in the “Governance” section; “Golf Course Rules and Guest Policies” are located in the “Golf” section.