Saint Andrew’s Firsts

  1. Saint Andrew’s is the oldest continuously existing golf club in the United States, established on November 14, 1888. 
  2. The first photograph of golf in America was taken at Saint Andrew's in 1888.
  3. The first recorded mixed foursome in America was played at Saint Andrew’s. Mrs. John Reid and J.B. Upham, defeated the team of Miss Carrie Law and John Reid on March 30, 1889. Mr. Reid reportedly demanded a re-match, and Mrs. Reid's team defeated him again that afternoon.
  4. Saint Andrew’s was a participant in the first inter-club team matches played in the U.S. on October 9, 1894 along with Tuxedo, the host club, Brookline, and Shinnecock Hills. Saint Andrew's tied for first place with Brookline but was unable to stay another day for a playoff because the Club was hosting the first U.S Amateur, U.S. Foursome and U.S. Open tournaments on October 11-13, 1894.
  5. Saint Andrew’s was the host of the first U.S. Amateur Championship held under match play format as all U.K. tournaments of the period were conducted. The Championship was won by Saint Andrew's member L.B. Stoddard.
  6. Saint Andrew’s also hosted the first US Open Championship in October, 1894. The winner was Willie Dunn.
  7. Saint Andrew's also hosted the first U.S. Foursome tournament during October, 1894. The format involved two-man teams playing alternate shots. L.B. Stoddard and J.B. Upham defeated another Saint Andrew's team, T.C. Ten Eyk and W.E. Hodgeman. This event was short-lived on the national scene.
  8. Henry O. Tallmadge of Saint Andrew's suggested and organized a December 22, 1894 meeting among Saint Andrew's and four other golf clubs at the Calumet Club in New York City.  The meeting led to the organization of the United States Golf Association, of which Tallmadge became the first Secretary.
  9. The first golf club in the United States organized by women was the Saegkill Golf Club, formed by Mrs. John Reid and other Saint Andrew's women in 1895.
  10. Saint Andrew’s organized and funded the first US Public Links Tournament at Van Cortland Park, the first public golf course in the United States, in 1896. The tournament, whose committee was headed by John Reid, attracted a field of 50 golfers and was open to "players who did not belong to a club in the United States Golf Association".
  11. Saint Andrew’s member Charles E. Sands won the first prize medal for golf at the Paris Olympic Games in 1900, the first year that golf was included as an event in the games.