The Saint Andrew’s Golf Club, located in Westchester County less than 20 miles from mid-town Manhattan, is focused on advancing robust programs for golfers of all ability levels and ongoing investments in its superb golf course and state of the art golf teaching infrastructure.


Saint Andrews Clubhouse Commitment to Excellence


Saint Andrews Golf Course Spectacular Layouts

Learning Center

Saint Andrews Learning Center State of the Art Teaching Technology


Saint Andrews Golf Course Something for Everyone in the Family

The Apple Tree Learning Center along with its surrounding golf training campus has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Private Club golf training facilities in the U.S. by the Golf Range Association of America.


The First Men’s Olympic Golf Champion

In 1900 Charles E. Sands of the Saint Andrew’s Golf club achieved a landmark victory in golf at the Paris Olympic Games, making him the first, and America’s only, Men’s Olympic Golf Champion. This accomplishment was all the more remarkable because Sands was primarily known for his prolific tennis skills. But in winning the first Olympic Golf competition, a little celebrated and long forgotten achievement, Charles Sands left an indelible mark on the history of the Olympic Games and on the history of golf.

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